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How to Funnel Hack Your Subconscious to Build Long-Haul Habits That Don't Suck.

The Habit Funnel Method is not just a book; it’s a revolution in personal and professional development. Break free from the cycle of temporary fixes and step into the realm of lasting transformation. Are you ready to reshape your habits, your business, and ultimately, your life?

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A simple step-by-step system for designing & installing habits that actually stick:

The Habit Funnel Method™

Uncover the unseen forces that drive your actions and learn to reprogram your subconscious for success. This book goes beyond traditional habit-change methods, introducing you to the groundbreaking concept of Quantum Habits and offering a step-by-step guide to building habits that genuinely last.

Change Habits Fast

Discover how to change bad habits fast & build good ones that actually last.

Hack Your Subconscious

Unlock the secret to re-programming your inner source code for rapid success.

Explore Your Quantum Self

Discover the 10 invisible Quantum Systems that run your life on auto-pilot.

Unlock Peak Success Habits

Learn the 5 habits every business owner needs to install for rapid success.

Reveal Points of Failure

Pinpoint the exact point your habits are going off the rails, so you can stay on track.

Practical Tools & Strategies

Not just a book, but a toolkit for rapid transformation and personal growth.


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Written by a Creator for Creators

Master your subconscious, build enduring habits, and unlock your potential. Dive into a world where change is not just possible but probable. Your path to success starts here.

Is This Book for You?

Empowering Change-Makers, Creators, and Visionaries

Are you an entrepreneur at heart, constantly seeking growth but feeling stuck in a cycle of unproductive habits? The Habit Funnel Method is crafted for visionaries like you. I wrote this book to speak directly to digital entrepreneurs, ecomm pros, professionals, creatives, and anyone trying to do big things in the world who's hungry for meaningful, lasting change. 

Whether you're looking to elevate your business, enhance your personal life, or simply step into your full potential, this book offers the keys to unlocking a life of success and fulfilment. 

Through actionable insights and transformative strategies, learn how to rewire your subconscious, master your habits, and pave your path to the pinnacle of personal and professional achievement.

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Paul Warren

Agency Founder & CEO


Build Habits Fast & Forever With Exclusive Tools & Training

The Habit Funnel Swipe File™

21 templated Habit Funnel examples covering all 7 Life Domains…

The Habit Funnel Planning Pack™

The Habit Funnel Planning Pack helps you practice essential habit-building…


Meet Chris G. McLean

Chris G. McLean brings over two decades of experience in coaching, personal development, and unlocking human potential. With "The Habit Funnel Method," Chris shares the culmination of years of research, practice, and success into a method designed for real-world application. His insights have already transformed lives, and now, they’re available to you.

the habit funnel method book


Harnessing the Power of Your Subconscious 'Quantum' Self

At the core of The Habit Funnel Method lies a simple yet profound truth: change starts from within

The book breaks down the science of habits into digestible, actionable steps so that you can learn how to navigate your subconscious, and reshape your reality from the inside out

With practical exercises and real-life examples, you’ll see just how accessible lasting change can be.

Entrepreneurs are loving the method:

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Your journey to lasting habit transformation starts now.
The Habit Funnel Method is your guide to breaking free from the cycle of temporary fixes and stepping into a life of intentional success. 

Don’t wait for change to find you—forge your path today.

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The Habit Funnel Method is designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone seeking profound life change, this book offers a practical blueprint for those ready to unlock their potential and transform their lives from the inside out.

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